Best Doors Smoke Control Door Set -/-/-sm

The Smoke Control door set is a solid core door set, 40mm thick with smoke seals to the head and jambs of the frame. This door set provides a barrier so that smoke cannot easily pass between rooms. 

updated : 12/4/2024

Best Smoke Control door sets are manufactured to comply with the requirements of the NZ Building Code (NZBC), set out in the Acceptable Solutions Appendix C, C6.1.2. They are required if doors are needed in smoke separations.

The door set configuration may be single leaf or pair, finished with a variety of facings and hung or pivoted in a timber or steel frame. An additional seal to the bottom of the door leaf can be added upon request.

The minimum thickness of the Smoke Control leaf is 40mm with an approximate leaf weight of 27kg/m2


Please note that the maximum leaf width shown above is measured per door leaf.

The ‘sm’ above denotes that the door is available as a smoke control door set.

Hardware fitting instructions

Hardware fitting instructionsHardware fitting instructions