Best Doors PR30 Hinged Door Set -/30/30sm

The PR30 fire door set is suitable for interior and exterior use and is available in timber or steel frames. This door set offers the largest range of leaf facings, meeting stiles and hardware options within our range of 30 minute fire protection doors.

updated : 12/4/2024

Best Doors PR30 is a side hung door set. The door set configuration may be single leaf or pair, finished with a variety of facings and hung in a steel or timber frame.

If required, bottom seals can be selected from the Hardware list.


Please note that the maximum leaf width shown above is measured per door leaf.

The ‘sm’ above denotes that the door is available as a smoke control door set.

Meeting styles for doors installed into Speedwall are restricted to J-Section or Bullnose.

Timber jambs are not possible for doors installed into Speedwall.

Insulation ratings must be notified at time of pricing for steel frames.

Door sets with leaves larger than 2700 x 1200 are not intended for frequent use, we recommend they be typically either held open or closed with compliant hardware in normal operation.

Minimum width for a fire door leaf is governed by the need to fit a compliant closer. Typically, 400mm is the practical minimum.